[IMPORTANT] USF Official Server Rules

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[IMPORTANT] USF Official Server Rules

Post by Anshu on Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:05 pm

Official Server Rules
Section 1 - Code of Conduct

The rules in this section are applicable in all of our services. This includes our IRC channels, forum, teamspeak and the sa-mp server.

1.1 Do not post offensive content on any of our services. Offensive content includes any content likely to offend people based on their race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation

1.2 Do not flame or insult other players needlessly.

1.3 Do not advertise other servers.

1.4 Do not advertise political parties, movements, or pages.

1.5 Do not provide links to, or discuss illegal content such as pirated games, movies, music, or books.

1.6 Do not provide links to cheat programs or illegal modifications (see 2.1)

1.7 Show respect to server admins at all times. This doesn't mean kissing our butts, but we expect you to refrain from abusing us or just generally being annoying to admins.

1.8 Follow any reasonable requests made by server admins.

1.9 Do not use offensive or inappropriate nicknames.

1.10 Impersonating other users on the server is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

Section 2 - General Server Rules

The rules listed in this section are applicable in addition to the rules listed in Section 1.

2.1 Do not use ANY cheats or game modifications such as CLEO or Parkour. This excludes mods that only affect your own game such as skin mods, hud mods, speedo mods, and vehicle mods. This excludes the GamerX Custom IMG file.

2.2 Do not annoy admins, this includes killing us with a chainsaw or knife while we have godmode enabled, as well as pestering us when building objects.

2.3 Do not interfere in events being run by admins, this covers both "official" events as well as impromptu events such as goo hunts and pickup competitions.

2.5 Do not use rockets, minigun, grenades, molotovs, flame thrower or big planes in the red zones.

2.6 During happy hour, do not use tanks, miniguns, hunters or hydras in the red zones.

2.7 Do not drive by players in the spawn zone.

2.8 Do not flood/spam in the chat or using commands. Admins can see command usage so we will count this as spam.

2.9 Do not annoy players before, during or after a race. Killing players after they cross the finish line is not appreciated (that means it's not allowed).

2.10 Do not trick players into typing the /q command.

3.1 Do not make fake admin/server messages.

3.2 Do not try to login or hack another players/trusted players/admins IRC, forum or game account. Such operations will end with a permanent ban.

3.3 Do not kill players inside the gun shop.

3.4 Do not shoot players while you are passenger in a vehicle that has no driver.

3.5 Do not spawn big planes at the spawn zone.

3.6 Do not detonate vehicles in spawn zone.

3.7 Do not spawn vehicles during a fight to evade death. However, you are allowed to enter any nearest vehicle which is game mode spawned (for example the Infernus or Banshee at the Medic spawn).

3.8 Do not drive by with vortex.

3.9 Do not kill people that are jailed.

Section  3 - Admins

This section contains rules applicable to admins.

3.10 Follow all of the server rules. It is not acceptable for admins to break server rules.

4.1 It is expected that an admin shows excellent behaviour while playing on the server, using IRC and on the forum.

4.2 It is expected that an admin does not use his commands to annoy other admins or players ingame. For example teleporting to a other admin and knifing them.

4.3 When kicking or banning a player the reason should be typed in a language that both the admin and player understands. (If the player doesn't know english and you don't know any of his languages it should be typed in english.)

4.4 The use of /setlevel is only available for safety reasons for admins under level 9. Only if an admin goes crazy is it allowed for anyone under level 9 to use this command. But always check if a management member is around before you have to use it.

4.5 Do not use any admin command to gain an advantage over other players.

4.6 Any punishment must be reasonable and within limits. Taking into account past warnings, punishments and behavior.

4.7 Do not use IRC scripts that interact with the server without first getting approval from management.

4.8 Make sure you check the Management Notices topic in the admin section regularly. Management may make new rules and guidelines, not all of which will be listed in the official rules, but they are to be followed nonetheless.

4.9 If an Admin fails to reply to a ban appeal within 3 days, the management will decide.

4.10 Admins should not change their nicknames too often in a short period of time.

5.1 Admins must have private messaging enabled. Exceptions can be temporarily made but should not the the standard.

5.2 Votes given in Trusted Player applications (both, positive and negative) have to be reasoned. The ones failing to comply with this rule will be ignored.

5.3 Admins may post in admin complaints even if they are not directly involved as long as they have something useful to add.

Section 4 - Forum Specific Rules

This section contains rules specific to the forum. Rules contained in Section 1 (Code of Conduct) still apply on the forum.

5.4 Forum moderators reserve the right to remove topics or posts as they see fit, even if it doesn't breach section 1 or any of the rules contained in this section.

5.5 Before posting a topic, ensure that you are posting in the correct section. This includes reading any guidelines or section specific rules that state what can and cant be posted in a given section or topic. Note that this does not cover guidelines specified by non moderators unless a moderator makes it official.

5.6 Use common sense when on the forum. This means that you should refrain from making silly and useless posts such as "+1" or one word replies to posts.

5.7 Please leave the moderating of the forums to the moderators/admins, acting like an admin and/or warning people of possible consequences regarding bans/demotions may result in a warning followed by actions deemed necessary by admins.

Section 5 - Events

This section contains rules for server events (Derby,Sumo,Bloodring,LMS,CTF,HG,Siege,(DM)/(TDM),STP,Fallout,Blast Survival,LSS,Target destruction) it apply to all events.

5.8 Do not abuse any bugs that may exist in the event.

5.9 Do not go AFK in the event.

5.10 Do not use Slide Bug in the event.

6.1Do not Spawn kill in the event.

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