[IMPORTANT] USF Official Fourm Rules

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[IMPORTANT] USF Official Fourm Rules

Post by Anshu on Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:06 am

These rules apply to all community members and every user by using forums agrees to follow them:


Do not mini-mod. Use the "Report" button, shown in the bottom right hand corner of every post.
Stick on topic as much as possible, or don't reply at all.
Don't double post - Use the "Edit" button to make changes to your previous post.
Don't spam the topics with useless replies. This includes quoting people without adding anything yourself or posting nothing but emoticons.
Don't make useless kicks to old topics.


No flaming at all.
No racism, or anything similar.
No sexual discrimination.
Don't offend anyone else by using their personal life as the subject.
Signatures and Advertising
Advertising your site in your in your signature or other profile areas is acceptable. All other rules in this topic must be followed.
Signatures may not exceed 400 characters.
Maximum of 2 images, which may not exceed 600x150px, including text.

Warez, Illegal Activity and other unwanted behavior

Strict no-warez policy. Any topics containing links to illegal sites will be removed.
Any discussion of hacking or other illegal underground activities is prohibited on the TMS forums.
No pornography. Although the game is rated 18+, there are a lot of youngsters. Find your porn somewhere else.

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