USF Build 1

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USF Build 1

Post by Anshu on Sun Sep 25, 2016 6:04 pm

USF Build 1

Achievement System
-Carshop System
-Bot system
-Bank System
-Cops and Robbers with 6 Classes
-Private Vehicle System
-Robbers with 2 bases
-Swat Base with Cmds
-Army Base with Cmds
-House System
-Minigames Like Derby Fallout ODM Fallout /BF /Mini and many more
-Premium System
-Drift System
-Beautyful Class Section
-Cookies System
-Cookie Shop
-Attachment System
-CNR Stats system
-Moneybag System
-Lounge for VIPS and admins
-Admin System
-Private Vehicle System
-Quad Parkour
-Nrg Parkours
-Parkour Running
-Race System
-Duel System
-Setting system with 20 Settings
-Mysql Based
-Event System
-Firework System
and thousand things more

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