[Format & Requirements] USF Mapper Application

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[Format & Requirements] USF Mapper Application

Post by Anshu on Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:01 pm

USF Mapper Application Requirements:
You must meet these requirements before considering to apply as a Mapper for SEF, if you do not meet the requirements, then it will most likely end up in you being denied.

Ability to create any map you're asked for.
You must agree that once you submit your map to us, you no longer have the right to take it back or moan about it.
You must be able to map interiors.

USF Mapper Application


Your  in-game name:
Your in-game registration date:
How long have you been mapping for:
What program(s) do you use to map:
Why do you want to become a mapper:
Do you agree with requirement :

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